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Welcome to Littlemere Lodges Lake District

Today, our drone operators embarked on a journey to Littlemere Lodges near Kendal, on the edge of the Lake District. Jen who owns the lodges was eager for us to capture the essence of this stunning rural retreat on film.

Today was a day for our trusty drones and their unique viewpoint. Our brief was clear: to showcase this beautiful oasis in all its glory.

Upon arrival, we wasted no time and set out to explore the area. This allowed us to visualise the flow of the video we aimed to create for our client. Visuals hold a pivotal role in advertising, particularly for businesses in Cumbria and Lake District locations.

Drones have the ability to offer both sweeping bird’s-eye views and dynamic low-level shots. This can elevate the impact of any video project.

We had a final detailed discussion with Jen the owner and Craig her marketing adviser to confirm the brief. Next, we flew the drone over the Lodges and the grounds to capture the views they wanted.

Today, Littlemere wasn’t a particularly challenging environment. It was a straight forward job to pilot our drone across the tranquil pond. From its aerial viewpoint the owners were able to get a completely fresh angle on the lodges. The result was a much more breathtaking set of marketing collateral, that truly showcased the serenity of this location.

Commercial Drone Video Services for Kendal Businesses

In a visual world, make sure you get noticed: promotional videos to make you stand out in a crowd.

Promotional videos and aerial imagery, integrated into your website, are invaluable tools for giving potential customers a genuine glimpse of what you offer. All our videos are filmed in stunning 4K resolution. This ensures that you get the utmost clarity and sharpness from your aerial filming experience.

Our clients can rely on us as CAA approved drone pilots. We are insured against public liabilities and can ensure that all the necessary permissions to film are granted. Attention to detail in our videography, carefully curating each clip allows us to compose a visually compelling narrative for your business.

Littlemere Lodges’ experience was no exception. We collected some lovely footage of the lodges, the grounds and an adjoining holiday cottage. Once these were woven together into the first proof video, Jen was delighted. It was the first time she had seen her little empire from this aerial perspective.

As you can observe, our approach is to tell a visual story that allows customers to immerse themselves in the atmosphere even before they make a booking. These visuals are a powerful asset for anyone seeking to stand out in a crowded market.


Littlemere Lake District Lodges Drone Video Services in Cumbria

In today's world, where imagery stands paramount, ensuring that your brand or business captures attention is crucial. For Littlemere Lake District Lodges, this is no different. Through the utilisation of our advanced drone technology, we are able to encapsulate the serene and peaceful ambience that defines this exquisite location, offering a vantage point that truly brings out its intrinsic beauty and tranquillity. Leveraging this visual narrative, we aim to elevate the visibility and allure of Littlemere Lake District Lodges, painting a vivid portrait of a haven where serenity meets luxury.

Post production: the work to create your bespoke promotional video continues

The on-site drone filming captures your business in its landscape. That’s just the first step in our meticulous video production process. The remainder of this journey unfolds back in our office, where the true magic happens.

Editing and post-production are essential to transform the raw clips into a video that presents your business to customers. This intricate process involves cutting, stitching, and tidying each clip to perfection. Sometimes, it requires adjustments to the colour and brightness to ensure that every frame meets our high standards of quality.

Drone Video Services Near You in Cumbria

At Brian Austwick Photography, we’re unwavering in our commitment to delivering imagery and video content of the utmost quality. We take immense pride in our drone photography services. We won’t present a proof of any video if it doesn’t meet our own exacting standards. Our dedication to excellence ensures that every project we undertake is nothing short of spectacular.

We also offer an extensive library of music selections. These can be seamlessly integrated into your video. The right music can elevate your video to new heights, drawing viewers in and enhancing their experience.

Our drone services encompass a wide range of offerings, including aerial drone photography and cost-effective drone video services in Cumbria. We understand the importance of providing top-notch services that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. High quality aerial video services are perfect for businesses as varied as holiday parks to estate agents and sporting events.

Capturing Your Businesses Essence: Professional Drone Video Services and Promotional Videos

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