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Brian Austwick Photography at work in the Lake District, Cumberland's finest landscape area.

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I’m Brian Austwick, a freelance commercial photographer and videographer based in the vibrant city of Carlisle, Cumberland. I am dedicated to capturing impactful images that convey a story and help your brand stand out. If you are seeking creative commercial photography or video services near Carlisle or the Lake District, please call for a chat.

Our Services

  • Commercial
  • Events
  • Interiors
  • Product
  • Video Production
  • Aerial video & Photography
  • 3D Virtual Tours
  • Roof Surveys

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Have you considered how visual content can enhance the visual appeal of your business or brand?

  • Are potential clients passing you by because your website lacks visual appeal?
  • Is your online presence lacking that captivating edge?
  • Do you wish to captivate potential clients, enticing them to explore your website further?
  • Does your website need updating?
  • Is your website full of stock images?
  • Have you thought about how a well-presented video or professional photographs would give you that edge?
  • Were you aware that Google tends to prioritise video content above all other forms of media?

So, if this is you and you desire a website with that wow factor and think that video and professional photography tailored around your business or brand is the way to go, you have come to the right place.

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Elevate Your Business: The Power of Professional Photography and Video Production

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, captivating visuals are the cornerstone of successful marketing strategies. Commercial photography and video production offer invaluable advantages for businesses looking to leave a lasting impression on their audience. Let’s explore why investing in professional Photography and video content can significantly benefit your business.

At Brian Austwick Photography, we understand the transformative power of professional media in driving business success. Our team of skilled photographers and videographers is dedicated to bringing your business or brand vision to life through stunning visuals that captivate and inspire. Whether you want to revamp your website, create engaging social media content, or produce compelling marketing campaigns, with our professional photography and video production services. We’re here to help.

Unlock the full potential of your business with our tailored photography and video production services. Contact us today to learn how we can enhance your business or brand’s visual presence and drive meaningful results. Let’s turn your vision into reality and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

So why not take the next step? Contact us at Brian Austwick Photography today to arrange a no-obligation consultation to discuss how we can assist you in this venture. We will guide you through how we work from engagement to completion, giving you a better understanding of the services and solutions we offer to bring your vision to life.

Brian Austwick Photography: Your Visual Journey Starts Here.

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"we have just used Brian after finding him through a radio advert on lake district radio, this was for a multi language presentation to some Japanese delegates and some Turkish delegates,the quality of the video was amazing and what made a massive difference was being able to put the audio indifferent languages, it not only put our delegates at ease as it was in their language but it also showed we cared enough about them and their culture, and yes we sealed a deal with our new Japanese distribution partners, I can’t recommend Brian enough…Cheers Brian we smashed it"

Richard Aylett Kalisan UK LTD

Commercial Photography and Video Production in Carlisle and Cumbria

I’ve always been a photographer – I inherited my father’s love for the craft. He was a cameraman for the BBC and worked on iconic TV shows such as Dr Who. He also loved travelling the world and taking photographs of his adventures.

Commercial photography and video production for businesses in Carlisle and around Cumbria. My approach is simple: create captivating images and media that tell your compelling stories. Each project presents a unique opportunity to capture your business or brand’s personality.

Our product photography service showcases the product features and benefits of your products. You can freeze an unforgettable moment in time by engaging in our event photography service. The ever-changing nature of these challenges ensures you receive fresh and dynamic photography.

Drone and Video Production. Additionally, our video production service is available for creating promotional and corporate videos. We can also create short clips, which are perfect for social media. This service is an excellent way to present your business in the most favourable way.

Brian Austwick Photography works with a wide variety of public and private sector clients. We specialise in Logistics, warehousing and distribution to events, products and interiors for.

  • marketing campaigns,
  • PR campaigns,
  • websites,
  • social media posts and in
  • magazines.

If you are seeking a commercial photographer or video production service in Carlisle and around Cumbria, please get in touch to discuss your project.

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