Professional Corporate Event Photography For Carlisle and Cumbria

Corporate event photography Carlisle, photograph of a small section of the audience sitting down on chairs looking towards the speaker

Event photography for indoor or outdoor events

Why Choose Brian Austwick Photography as your professional corporate event photography support?

  • Expertise as a corporate event photographer. A unique blend of creativity and technical know-how, allowing us to deliver top-notch event imagery that stands out.
  • Corporate event photography and videography specialist. You can rely on our professional service to capture important moments from your event. We’ll be there for those moments of candid event photography, where there’s laughter. We are equally happy organising your more formal group shots.
  • Creative flare: Our quietly artistic touch adds a dash of originality to your special event photography. We deliver business event photography that turns important moments into your compelling stories.
  • Corporate event photography packages: We offer a range of corporate event photography packages tailored to fit both indoor and outdoor events. Please call for a chat.



Why would you need an event photographer?

Hiring a professional photographer who can handle the PR photography services for your events makes perfect sense. Great event photography helps to mark significant moments and milestones in our personal or professional lives. These moments can be fleeting, but this photographer from Carlisle can ensure memories we hope to retain from them are eternal. This is where the magic of an event photographer comes into play.

Candid event photography – One of the unique abilities of a good professional event photographer is to catch those unplanned, spontaneous moments. We will be there to capture the genuine emotions, like laughter, tears, and surprise, throughout the entire event. It’s these candid shots that often become the most cherished memories.

Reliability – With an event photographer, you are assured that someone is dedicated to capturing every significant moment. You won’t miss out on any special memory while hosting or participating in the event.

Photo editing – As an event photographer, we come equipped with high-end cameras, lenses, and additional lighting. This ensures clarity, precision, and high-resolution photos that can be enlarged without losing quality.

What type of events do we cater for: We cater for numerous types of events with our corporate event photography services. That’s everything from trade shows and award ceremonies to large scale conferences.

Commercial and event photography in Cumbria

How can my event photography be used?

Conference and event photography produces a wide array of captivating images that can be utilised for various purposes. Event images are versatile assets that can be used for marketing campaigns, memories, and more. Properly captured and utilized, they can amplify the impact and reach of an event long after it has concluded.

For example:

Marketing & promotion: Event photos can be an essential part of promotional material for future events.

Social media content: Professional event photography will not only look good. You will also be able to share images from your event. They can be a great boost for engagement on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Typically, my clients include design agencies, newspapers, magazines, private and corporate clients.

How I work

Let’s work together

Our approach to our corporate event photography services remains consistent for every project we undertake. Whether you need ground based or drone video and photography, we are equally thorough.

We will engage in detailed discussions with you, our clients to understand your preferences. We will discuss the specific shots you desire. Who are the key individuals that we should feature, and what mix of candid and more formal group photos do we need? We pride ourselves on being fully prepared for any circumstance.

Once we have agreed on all the details, I will provide you with a firm quotation for approval.


Find the perfect location

What areas do I cover?

Brian Austwick Photography covers Cumberland, the Lake District, Westmoreland and Furness, the North West and Borders. Please call 01228 491459

Corporate event photography rates

It costs less than you think

It costs less than you think

Brian Austwick Photography offers high quality photography for events at competitive rates.

It’s challenging to provide exact costs online due to the unique nature of each project. We do understand the importance of having an indicative pricing guide to help you plan. You can download our rate card using the button below.

How to book

We are a busy commercial photography business and our availability changes through each week. The best way to book us for commercial event photography in Carlisle, is to contact us via our website. Let us have an outline of your requirements or call to chat through and obtain a quotation.

Download our rate card

Like what you see? Let’s work together

We’d love to hear about your next commercial photography project. Simply contact the virtual tour photographer for Cumbria, for more information, to check our availability, request a quote, or to book a shoot.