Drone Photography and Video Services For Cumbria Based Businesses

Commercial aerial drone video and photography view of Littlemere Lake District Lodges from the air looking at stunning holiday lets and tranquil pond

The bird’s eye view... with the drone photographer and Videographer from Carlisle

Brian Austwick Photography’s commercial drone services covers Cumberland, the Lake District, Westmoreland and Furness, southern Scotland, and Lancashire. Capturing breath-taking aerial views for you, we unlock a whole new perspective with our cutting-edge drone technology.

Our drone services are perfect for outdoor activity providers, building and structures inspectors, estate agents, event organisers, hospitality businesses, and design agency looking for stunning visuals. We customize our services to suit your specific requirements.


Why choose drone photography and videography?

It’s simple – because drone aerial video and photography offers unparalleled advantages over traditional video and photography methods. Drones can reach heights and angles that were once impossible. Now you can showcase landscapes, properties, and events like never before.

With our Mavic Drones, you can effortlessly capture commercial property developments, or footage of residential homes to aid property sales. Aerial photography and videography allows sweeping vistas, majestic mountain ranges. Let sparkling lakes, and picturesque countryside become part of your brand.

We prioritise safety, professionalism, and exceptional results. Our skilled operators are CAA approved and certified. The drone’s operator is experienced, ensuring precise control and expert manoeuvring.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to elevate your visual storytelling. Contact us today and let us transform your vision into stunning aerial masterpieces.

CAA and Insurance

We are CAA-certified drone operators, and all our drones are registered with the CAA. Our public liability insurance cover is up to £2m. This ensures that we complete every project to the highest standard. It also gives you peace of mind.

Drone photography of the Langdale Pikes beyond Easedale Tarn in the Lake District.

Aerial Photography & Video

Aerial Photography services let you share a different perspective

Our drone filming work covers a wide variety of public and private sector clients. We specialise in photography and filming of outdoor events, commercial and residential properties, holiday parks and country estates. We edit still images and videos and pass them to you for approval. You are then able to use them for marketing campaigns, PR, websites, social media and in print media.

  • Aerial Video & Photography
  • Events
  • Estate Agencies
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Holiday Parks
  • Construction and Inspection
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
Brian Austwick Commercial Photography providing drone filming , footage and photography services

What’s in our kit bag

The aerial photographer’s equipment

We use the latest professional DJ Mavic Drones with stabilised gimbals. This gives super-smooth film footage and still images that are clear and sharp. With our DJI Mavic 3, the Hasselblad camera takes aerial video photography to another level with Hi-definition results at 30fps. The unique tele-lens enables footage to be capture from a distance so as not to disturb the subject below.

In tighter spaces, we use our Mavic Mini3 Pro. This enables us to go closer to people and buildings with Hi-definition results. Its manoeuvrability is unrivalled and built-in obstacle avoidance system ensure safety in challenging environments.

Our drone services are ideal for social media. You can stream footage live to social channels such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Clients can view real time footage from the ground while the drone is in the air. This gives the operator and client full control of film angles and framing.

Tourism and destination photography in the Lake District

Location scouting services

Find the perfect location for aerial drone photography

Because Brian Austwick Photography is based in Carlisle, in the new county of Cumberland, he has extensive knowledge of locations around the Lake District from his Landscape Photography projects. You can see his landscape photography portfolio here: Photographic Creations – Brian Austwick Photography are ideally placed to help with location scouting.

Simply call us or use our contact form to discuss your ideal location and we will do the rest.

Drone Photography & Video Rates

It costs less than you think

Brian Austwick Photography offers excellent quality drone services at competitive rates.

You can hire a drone photographer near you more easily than you might imagine. Commercial drone photography pricing is becoming more reasonable all the time. It is difficult to give a firm quote without an initial induction conversation, because every project is different in scope. You can download our rate card using the button below.

How to Book

To book aerial photography with drones for your business, contact us via our website with an overview of your requirements. Alternatively, call to chat through and obtain a quotation. We will manage everything for you including getting permission to film.

Download our rate card

Like what you see? Let’s work together

We’d love to hear about your next commercial photography project. Simply contact the virtual tour photographer for Cumbria, for more information, to check our availability, request a quote, or to book a shoot.


"Brian did some mountain biking action Photography and drone videography for us recently and we found him and his team to be very professional and patient. They took the time to ensure the shots were as needed and they involved us a lot in the editing process to make sure the product was exactly what we were looking for. The final images and video look fantastic and are really high quality. Thanks to you all."

Dai Swan Will Fraser MTB