Photography Workshops with Brian Austwick Photography

Brian Austwick leading a photography workshop on the shores of Derwentwater

About our photography workshops

Learn new skills

Our photography workshops are created to give you the opportunity to explore the various modes your camera has to offer, while gaining valuable knowledge from Brian.

Photography workshops are run through our second business Photographic Creations, a one-stop shop for UK landscape photography and prints. If you are looking to book a photography workshop with me, you will be directed to the Photographic Creations website to complete the booking.

If you are looking for something different, please contact us to discuss a bespoke photography workshop option.

Photography Workshop - Landscape Photography

Lake District Landscape Beginners Workshop

Would you like to get a fuller understanding of how your camera works? Or learn some of the many techniques professional photographers use to get better landscape shots?

This one-day workshop gives you the opportunity to explore the multiple modes of your camera. You will gain insight into finding the right viewpoint and how to use your camera equipment to create fresh landscape imagery from classic Lake District views that have been photographed millions of times already.