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Why choose professional corporate and promotional videos and photographs over stock imagery

In the competitive landscape of the business world, standing out against competitors is paramount. Questions naturally arise: What sets your business apart? What unique value proposition do you offer? Why should potential clients choose you over others? Understanding your competitors’ strategies is crucial for gaining an advantage in the market. Here at Brian Austwick Photography, and as a professional corporate video production service based in Carlisle, Cumbria, we understand that there are various views on this.

In certain projects, we utilise drones, and therefore, we are certified CAA drone pilots. Additionally, we are fully insured, including public liability insurance, to ensure comprehensive coverage for our operations. We are more than happy to show you our licence at any time.

So the question is, when potential clients visit your website, what keeps them engaged and interested in exploring further? This is critical to capturing their attention and converting them into clients. Our corporate video production service can help retain clients on your page, ensuring they have a compelling reason to stay, whether it is a promotional video or professional photographs for your website, social media or other advertising strategies. We are here to help.

In today’s visually-driven world, the role of visuals cannot be overstated. Whether updating photographs on your website with professional-quality images or incorporating a professional corporate or promotional video, visuals are essential for attracting and retaining your audience’s attention.

The difference between stock imagery and professional-quality images and footage is significant. Stock imagery lacks the personal touch and authenticity that professional visuals provide. They may fail to represent your brand’s story and values accurately.

Choosing professional photographs and videos over stock imagery is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, they authentically capture your business’s essence and narrative, helping establish trust and credibility with potential clients. Professional visuals can effectively communicate your unique selling points and differentiate you from your competitors.

In summary, investing in professional photographs and videos is a strategic decision that can significantly enhance your brand’s appeal and help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. They represent your business, effectively communicate your value proposition, and drive client engagement and conversion.

Brian Austwick Photography Showreel

Below, you’ll find a showreel we’ve crafted to exemplify the quality of work we offer to our clients. This concise 60-second video is a testament to our ability to create captivating content. It was created using drones and on-ground video equipment, alongside sophisticated post-production software, to deliver your video’s final result. Not only does it enhance the visual appeal of your website for visitors, but it also aligns with the primary objective of retaining their interest and encouraging further exploration of your business offerings. After all, the key to success is keeping visitors engaged, enticing them to delve deeper into what your business has to offer.

How we can help you stand out against your competitors

Have you decided to pursue the professional path to highlight your band or business effectively? Fantastic! We’re fully equipped to assist you in embarking on this journey towards a more vibrant, engaging, and persuasive online presence. With extensive experience crafting media for our clients, coupled with a diverse range of specialised equipment—from aerial drones to ground-level video production and audio tools—we’re poised to elevate your content to the next level. But our services don’t end there; we also offer comprehensive media packages encompassing video and photography. Consider us your ultimate destination for all your photography and videography requirements.

Promotional video for Lakeland Self Storage in Kendal

Let us start creating your corporate or promotional video.

Where do we start?

After your initial call, we schedule a consultation meeting to delve deeper into your project. This consultation can be conducted via Zoom or in person, where we aim to understand your vision for your corporate or promotional video. Additionally, we’ll discuss whether you’d like to incorporate photography into your project.

Using the insights gathered during the consultation, we craft a narrative or storyline that outlines how we envision showcasing your video. Subsequently, we present you with a project proposal, allowing you to review and adjust the storyline to better align with your vision.

Moving on to the filming stage, we capture the necessary clips to build your corporate or promotional video. We highly encourage client involvement during this process, as it offers opportunities to incorporate additional elements or adjust camera angles. Our equipment arsenal includes drones, ground-level video gear, softbox lighting, and audio for interviews and voiceovers.

The final stage is back in the office, where we meticulously stitch together the clips to bring your video to life. If desired, we can add effects for the intro and outro and incorporate a fitting soundtrack and your business logo or promotional text.

Once the initial edit is complete, we provide you with a proof for your approval. We take pride in our work but welcome feedback or suggested alterations to ensure the final product meets your expectations. Upon approval, your video is finalized and ready to showcase.

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