Capturing the Essence of Force Crag Mine from the air

Aerial Drone Photography and Video in the Lake District

The Lake District’s majesty is magnified from the skies. Whether the day brings apparent blue horizons or the embrace of low-hung clouds, its unrivalled beauty remains steadfast, capturing the hearts and lenses of many, especially from an aerial perspective. At Brian Austwick Photography, we pride ourselves on offering ground-level shots and exceptional aerial drone photography. The allure of The Lake District isn’t just a subject for us – it’s an intense passion. As a commercial photographer, the blend of traditional and aerial drone photography gives me the unique advantage of capturing this majestic landscape from every conceivable angle. Using aerial drone video and photography, I can get unparalleled views and tips on the region’s beauty. Being a certified drone operator goes beyond a profession; it’s a sincere devotion. This ardour is so profound that even on my days off, I am irresistibly pulled towards the scenic vistas of The Lake District, with the impulse to unleash our drone and cameras being overwhelming. From the skies above to the grounds below, I am compelled to capture every nuance, every moment of this breathtaking terrain. As the saying goes, “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Each aerial and ground video or photograph I take is a testament to this philosophy.

Video of Force Crag Mine by Brian Austwick Photography

Our aerial drone photography and video capture the visual essence of Force Crag Mine and evoke an emotional connection, drawing viewers into its rich tapestry of history. Every frame and every angle of our drone is carefully manoeuvred into curating a story. Using the drone invites the audience to journey back in time and imagine the mine's heydays, the clamour of machinery, and the spirit of miners long gone.

Force Crag Mine Aerial Video: A Cinematic Journey Above the Past

At Brian Austwick Photography, we recently embarked on an awe-inspiring project of our own, utilising our expertise in aerial video and aerial drone photography to document the majestic Force Crag Mine. From the sky, using our drone, we captured the intricate details and contours of this historical marvel, unveiling tales and mysteries etched by time onto its very foundation. The birth of aerial drone photography and videography has undeniably revolutionized our ability to obtain views previously deemed unattainable.

On a casual excursion with hopes of filming the deserted Force Crag Mine using aerial drone photography, we believed its abandoned state would make for compelling footage, provided the weather cooperated. Although there was a hint of drizzle, fortune favoured us, granting a brief respite from the rain. This window allowed us to seize some captivating aerial drone photography shots and footage of the old metal mine.

Drone Aerial video and photography in the Lake District and Carlisle in Cumbria

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At Brian Austwick Photography, we excel in commercial photography, specialising in Aerial Drone Photography and Videography. Armed with advanced drones and cutting-edge on-ground video and audio equipment, we’re equipped to meet any challenge. Whether it’s a bespoke promotional video tailored to your business or a vivid portrayal of your brand, we have you covered.

The standards I employ during my leisure drone photography stints are the same rigour I bring to our professional projects. A video or photograph must meet the high standards I set for myself to reach our clients. At Brian Austwick Photography, we believe in nothing less than perfection. It’s essential that every piece of work, be it aerial drone photography or other drone and photography services we offer, resonates with the heart and vision of our clients. Their satisfaction is our ultimate accolade.

In the vast realm of photography, where the horizon is limitless, Brian Austwick Photography stands out for our drone services expertise, commitment, passion, and unyielding pursuit of excellence. Join us in this visual journey, and let’s create something beautiful together.

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