Aviation Photography at Caernarfon Airworld Aviation Museum

In the field of commercial photography, adapting to different environments and making the most out of them is the key to creating spectacular photographs. At Brian Austwick Photography, our camera accompanies us on every journey, becoming a silent witness to the marvels we encounter, one of which was the fascinating Caernarfon Airworld Aviation Museum, whilst on our trip to North Wales. The world of aviation photography has always captivated me. From my younger days, capturing the vibrant displays at the Duxford air show, this realm of photography has been a source of awe and fascination.

On a day bustling with visits, the museum became one of our memorable stops, greeting us with the friendliness that would make anyone feel welcomed. The gentleman at the kiosk was more than happy to allow us to photograph the majestic planes housed in the museum. In the midst of an engaging conversation, which spanned topics from capturing the beauty of these splendid aircraft to discussing our photography business, we conveyed our ability to photograph his remarkable collection of aircraft. He expressed his delight, not only at the thought of us documenting his collection through our lenses but also at our offer to write a blog chronicling our visit to the museum.

Surrounded by the rich history encapsulated within the frames of iconic aircraft such as the Hawker Siddeley T-Bird, Hawker Hunter F1, Hawker Sea Hawk, and the Westland Whirlwind helicopter, we were thrilled. Situated, ready for action, was also Caernarfon’s Air Ambulance helicopter, adding a touch of modern valour to the historical ambiance. The close proximity to these iconic planes, and the opportunity to sit in the cockpits, was nothing short of a dream come true, enabling us to envision the adrenaline and excitement pilots must have felt manoeuvring these magnificent aircrafts.

If you are ever in the area of Caernarfon we highly recommend a visit to Caernarfon Airworld Aviation Museum, we thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m sure you will too.

Hawker Sea Hawk

Camera Used Canon R6 MK2 - ISO 500 16mm f8 at 1/60 sec

Hawker Sea Hawk aviation photography for use with commercial advertising photography in Carlisle. showcasing a British jet plane sitting in a museum

The Hawker Sea Hawk is a British single-seat jet fighter aircraft that was in service with the Fleet Air Arm (the air branch of the British Royal Navy) during the late 1950s and early 1960s. As a prominent figure in the early jet age, this aircraft showcases a straightforward yet effective design characterized by its straight wings and a distinctive nose.

I opted for a higher ISO setting than what I would typically use outdoors, but don’t hesitate to crank up the ISO when necessary. Modern high-end cameras are well-equipped to handle it with finesse these days.

Aviation Photography: A Day of Innovation and Inspiration at Caernarfon Airworld Museum.

Our Dedication in Commercial Advertising Photography in and Around Cumbria

Though not a paid assignment, this visit served as a vibrant canvas to showcase our capabilities and illustrate how we can elevate your business, making it shine brighter than others. Despite the constraints on using flash within the museum, my background equipped me with the skills to photograph these exhibits without relying on additional lighting. This is where our expertise truly shines. We possess the knowledge to take fantastic photographs wherever we go, adeptly adjusting to varying environmental conditions. Take, for instance, the image above of the Hawker Sea Hawk – we understood that increasing the ISO was necessary to prevent using a slower shutter speed. While the subject, in this case, the plane, was stationary, we didn’t need to increase our shutter speed by too much, just enough to avoid camera shake. Our deep-seated experience and knowledge in photography allow us to infuse a wealth of creativity into our clients’ images. We remain steadfast in our commitment to crafting images of the highest quality.

Caernarfon Airworld Museum North Wales

An immersive glimpse into aviation history at the Caernarfon Airworld Aviation Museum, where vintage aircraft and modern technology come together shown here with our collection of aviation photography

Caernarfon's Air Ambulance Helicopter

Poised Ready for Action

Caernarfon aviation Photography showcasing a single red helicopter on landing pad

At the museum, visitors are granted a rare opportunity to witness this flying fortress up close. Its robust structure, adorned with the latest technology, showcases the advancements in aviation that make swift emergency responses possible. This vehicle, equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities, represents a bridge between the golden past and the promising future of aviation technology.

During this trip, I discovered that any photography outing can blossom into a fresh adventure, including this unique opportunity I had to delve into the realm of aviation photography.

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