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CLIENT: Cumbria Chamber of Commerce
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Conference Cumbria 2023

3rd October 2023

Attending Conference Cumbria was a significant moment for us at Brian Austwick Photography. Not only did we proudly showcase our photography and drone services at our stand, but I was also honoured to be the official photographer for the event. This dual role was an incredible privilege, granting me the unique chance to document the beginning of what promises to be a long-standing tradition. This event was so successful that it now aims to be an annual event. Professional corporate and commercial event photography in Carlisle and Cumbria is just a part of what we offer at Brian Austwick Photography, and we love what we do.

This event was truly wonderful to photograph, with plenty of opportunity to capture some good candid event photography shots.

Conference Cumbria 2023 the first of many

As well as being a professional corporate event photographer amongst other skills, provided me with this incredible opportunity to photograph this fantastic event.

We were very proud to have a stand and to be the official photographer at the first-ever Conference Cumbria. What a fantastic way to create new bonds with like-minded business owners.

The event was truly remarkable, with many business owners converging for networking. Networking isn’t just about swapping business cards. It’s an avenue to forge genuine connections, open doors for potential business collaborations, and even welcome opportunities you never saw coming. I’ve always believed that sitting back isn’t the strategy for success. Instead, proactive outreach is vital. You can’t wait for potential customers to find you – as the adage goes, fortune favours the bold. Or, as I like to say, “shout loud and you will be heard”. Professional event photography brought out the best of this event, showcasing other attendees’ conversations. The candid event photography shots showed an array of expressions, laughter and joy of being part of this fantastic event.

It was a remarkable venture not just to engage in conversations with like-minded business owners but also to have a presentation from Teresa Griffiths CBE, their keynote speaker Geoff Ramm and a panel featuring local business leaders: Colin Sneath (A Day’s Walk Farm Shop), Emma Sherlock (Stan Sherlock Associates), Caroline Hughes (The Melbreak Hotel), and John Coughlan (Workington Town Deal Board). The Theme of the conference was Raise Your Game.

Teresa Griffiths CBE

Talking about her 27 year career in the RAF

Leadership Amidst Turmoil

A Group Captain's Resilient Journey

The talk was profoundly moving, chronicling her life abroad and her pivotal role as a group captain. She oversaw the medical operation planning in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Balkans. The scenes she encountered were profoundly distressing, demanding incredible fortitude to endure. Leadership is crucial in any setting, but in a war-torn zone, ensuring everyone’s safety becomes paramount. It’s hard for me even to fathom the enormity of her experience. Hearing her speak about life in a war zone and the stories she shared are genuinely inspirational.

A panel discussion

Motivation, challenging one's limits, and setting goals

Raise Your Game in business

Next, we delved into a panel discussion on Motivation, challenging one’s limits, and setting goals. It was enlightening to hear first-hand from seasoned business owners who’ve walked the path and achieved their aspirations. The insights shared prompted us to contemplate elevating our business strategies and approaches. The entrepreneurial journey is filled with highs and equally riddled with concerns and stress. Doubts like “Will this succeed?” often cloud one’s mind. However, with a positive mindset and unyielding determination, the sky’s the limit. “Raise Your Game” wasn’t just a theme but a call to action. The panellists’ insights were both captivating and invaluable.

As a Commercial and event Photographer, I’ve elevated my services beyond the ordinary. Instead of providing just one aspect, I now offer a comprehensive photography package that includes drones, video, photography, and event coverage. Staying ahead and setting clear objectives is crucial—it gives a clear direction to aim for.

Networking is certainly a way to go in Raising Your Game

This event was briming with discussions

The joy of being an event photographer

One of the joys of being an event photographer, alongside other photography assignments, is the opportunity to freeze genuine moments in time. It showcases the breadth and adaptability of a photographer’s skill set. When covering events, I often manoeuvre with two cameras, eliminating the need to swap lenses constantly. I’m always on the move, capturing what’s commonly known as candid event photography—seizing unscripted laughter, smiles, and dynamic scenes. Such assignments are not only exhilarating for me but, as witnessed during this event, also engaging for the participants. Some playfully teased when I aimed my camera their way, while others gleefully struck a pose. It underscores that event photography is not just a profession—it’s an interactive experience for both the photographer and attendees.

A fantastic Presentation by Geoff Ramm

The theme Raise Your Game

Geoff was enlightening and entertaining

The day’s final presenter, Geoff Ramm, offered a revealing glimpse into the mindset of some business owners. His talk emphasised the potential enhancements one can make to customer experience with just a few shifts in perspective. The theme, “Raise Your Game,” was vividly highlighted throughout his presentation. Geoff posed an intriguing question: if a celebrity were your customer, would you treat them differently than your other clients? How do you usually treat your clients? Would you show favouritism to a celebrity simply because of their fame? Geoff further delved into the power of gestures, illustrating with an example of gifting clients a personalised mug. Such a gesture makes clients feel valued and unique. The overarching message was clear: every client deserves to feel appreciated and important regardless of their status. “Raising Your Game” is an essential reminder for all business professionals.

I, for one, always prioritise my clients and their needs. When they reach out, I ensure a prompt response. If they’re interested in discussing our Commercial Photography services, I am eager to guide them through the options available to achieve their desired look. I’m committed to delivering their photographs or videos without delay. For our videography services, when crafting promotional videos, I share a draft with the client. Together, we review the content, ensuring they are satisfied with the selected clips, the duration of each segment, and the accompanying soundtrack. My goal is to provide complete client satisfaction with every project.

The theme “Raise Your Game” is undeniably pertinent to business owners. As the conference suggests, we always have room to elevate our business performance and approach. Geoff Ramm’s presentation was not only enlightening but also provoked reflection: what more can I personally do to “raise my game”? Beyond the impactful content, Geoff’s sense of humour added a delightful twist, enlightening and entertaining the audience. It was my first time experiencing Geoff’s oratory skills, and I must admit, I eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to hear him speak.

Capturing Moments and Building Connections: Conference Cumbria 2023

Engaging talks and valuable connections: An event to remember

Being chosen as the official event photographer for the inaugural Conference Cumbria is a memory I’ll cherish. Beyond capturing moments, I expanded my knowledge, rekindled with past acquaintances, and established new relationships. I’m convinced of the immense value of events like these and will be marking my calendar for more in the future. Such platforms foster collaboration, enabling our businesses to flourish collectively.

I’m Brian from Brian Austwick Photography, and I wish to extend my gratitude to the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce for orchestrating such a splendid event. To all the incredible attendees, it was a pleasure meeting most of you, whether through conversation or through my lens. I’m sorry if our paths didn’t cross. I’m eager to bridge that gap, so if you’re up for some business chatter over a coffee, don’t hesitate to give me a shout!

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