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CLIENT: Lakeland Self Storage
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Lakeland Self Storage Kendal Brian Austwick Photography Drone Video Production

In the video we crafted for Lakeland Self Storage, the use of drones and aerial filming vividly captures the intricacies of the facility, providing premium visuals all around. This gives potential customers a clear perspective of what awaits them when seeking a storage solution.

Commercial drone and Aerial Filming Kendal Cumbria

Visuals are essential in distinguishing your brand or business. For Lakeland Self Storage in Kendal Cumbria, our professional aerial video and photography services enhanced their profile. Every scene in this video, even those within the storage premises, was exclusively taken using drones. This presentation highlights the storage facilities, their standout features, easy customer access via a practical loading bay, and an elevator to the upper levels. The immaculate state of the facility is evident, painting it as the perfect storage solution for all requirements. Our aerial filming techniques allowed us to capture the facility's exterior and interior comprehensively. There's no better way to spotlight this than with our adept drone photography and videography services, capturing views from both aerial and ground perspectives. Our drones are versatile, catering to a vast range of videography techniques.

Aerial video and photography: View your business from a different perspective

Why visuals are so important

Professional aerial video and photography to make your business stand out from the crowd.

In crafting this video, our goal was to narrate a customer’s journey at Lakeland Self Storage, illustrating what one might encounter upon their first visit. We wanted to highlight the ease of dropping off items and the intuitive design of the facility. Specifically, we spotlighted the well-organized loading bay and the convenience of an in-house elevator, emphasising that whether customers have bulky items or mobility concerns, Lakeland Self Storage ensures a hassle-free experience.

Crafting this video was a delightful experience, enriched by ideas from both our team and the client. We always appreciate when clients actively participate in shaping their video’s content. By sharing the clips we capture, we ensure our clients are satisfied with the direction and outcome. After all, a contented client signifies our job’s success. Visuals are pivotal in elevating business promotion, and that’s where our expertise lies. With drone filming, ground-level photography, and videography, we’re equipped with top-tier tools to spotlight your business brilliantly.

Think of visuals as the linchpin of brand marketing. Picture yourself walking past a store with a mesmerising window display; you’d be compelled to enter, right? Similarly, a website is your online storefront. An engaging, visually rich website attracts visitors and entices them to stay and explore, increasing their likelihood of purchasing.

This is where Brian Austwick Photography steps in. We use aerial filming, our expertise in aerial photography, and commercial drone services to embellish your online space with striking images and videos, ensuring visitors remain captivated. I move on if a website doesn’t capture my attention instantly. But with our visuals, your website won’t just catch the eye—it will hold it.



"Brian photographed our business conference (Conference Cumbria) in October 2023. Leading up to the event communication was easy with all emails quickly answered. Everything went just as smoothly on the day of the conference and we received the photos quickly afterwards. The finished photos are excellent and perfectly captured the day. Five stars!"

Joe Sanders, Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

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