Hidden history at Hardknott

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A Drone operator has fun too in the Lake District

What do you do when you’ve got a day off, the sun is shining and you’ve got your new MAVIC Mini3 Pro drone in the car just waiting to be tried out? You go on an adventure…

Aerial Insights: Exploring Hardknott Roman Fort from Above

The Hardknott Roman fort presents a remarkable sight, particularly when viewed from the air. Drones offer a fresh perspective, allowing one to appreciate this historic site from a new angle. Observing the fort from above provides a more idealized depiction of its scale and layout, enhancing our understanding of this ancient Roman ruin.

Hardknott Roman Fort, The Lake District from the Air

A short walk off Hardknott Pass in Eskdale will bring you to this incredible Roman ruin where you can clearly see what would have been the headquarters building, commandant's house and bath house, all kept safe and secure within the fort's walls. It was the perfect day for us a test flight of the MAVIC Min3 Pro drone and we couldn't believe the views of Eskdale and surrounding valleys we were able to capture.

“Brian recently took photographs of my, ‘Walk and Talk’ coaching programme. I found Brian to be very easy to work with and the end results are fab.”

Ben Hickman, Business Coach, Adnovar

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