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Commercial real estate drone photography for use with advertising and roof surveys

Our commercial drone, video and photography services offer versatile solutions, from promoting your business through compelling promotional videos and documentaries to showcasing real estate and conducting roof surveys. Elevate your view and discover a fresh perspective that ground-level captures can’t provide.

Drones have also revolutionised many of our tasks, providing easy access to heights that once required ladders. Thanks to drone technology, roof surveys, in particular, have become safer and more accessible.

Commercial Drone Video and Photography for Roof Surveys

Drones have revolutionized many of our tasks, providing easy access to heights that once required ladders. Roof surveys, in particular, have become safer and more accessible thanks to drone technology.

Promotional videos to real estate and property advertisement.

In this showcase, we at Brian Austwick Photography aim to highlight our multifaceted expertise. We pride ourselves on versatility, seamlessly transitioning from crafting bespoke promotional videos for businesses to specialized commercial drone videography and photography. From real estate showcases and construction site overviews to event recaps, our drones enhance our storytelling capacity, even illustrating the safest approach to roof and building surveys.

Today’s technological advancements, especially drones, have redefined traditional practices, making procedures like roof surveys inherently safer. Real estate agencies and property sellers stand to gain immensely from our aerial cinematography, not only in video format but also through our top-tier aerial photography.

We offer comprehensive packages that integrate both aerial and ground-level photography and videography. This holistic approach not only ensures consistency but also provides cost-effective solutions. Contrary to popular belief, aerial videography isn’t exorbitantly priced. Our competitive rates start at just £125, and affordability doesn’t compromise quality. We’re meticulous in our craft; if the output isn’t up to our high standards, we refine until perfection is achieved.

Your Vision, Our Lens: Brian Austwick Photography

The place to go for anything photographic in the air or on the ground.

Seeking a promotional video that mirrors the heart of your business? Or perhaps you’re eyeing a meticulous roof check or you’re an estate agent ready to spotlight that stunning property for sale? No need to search further. At Brian Austwick Photography, we’ve crafted the perfect blend of sky and earth expertise for you.

Be it the vastness of the skies or the intricacies on the ground, our top-tier commercial drone photography and videography services are tailored for your every need. From capturing the grandeur of landscapes to detailing the finest architectural nuances, we are your go-to professionals.

Let us bring your visions to life with unmatched clarity and perspective. With Brian Austwick Photography, consider your story told with flair and finesse.

"Worked with Brian on a video project for our new SP Training web platform.
A great guy to work with and the quality of the work was first class.
Happy to recommend him to any one."

Darren Cook SP Training

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